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#3 Day Two by Mia Nguyen

Today is day two of the Vietnam Project. Everyone woke up and made it to breakfast by 8 am — sadly, most of the food was gone by that time! So tomorrow morning we will all have to wake up earlier. Everyone, SEALNet members and high school students, drove to Danang College of Foreign Language where SEALNet members were introduced to the professors and given a brief speech about the project’s work. The professors recognized Viet and Nancy’s efforts and Nancy invited them to our banquet next Friday. All the members divided into three groups and began the day’s task of setting up 7 computers. Amazingly, everyone worked very competitively and cooperatively to accomplish the setup in about 30 minutes. After finishing up everyone hung out in groups in the newly established computer lab, getting to know fellow group members and eating fruit provided by the DCFL. For lunch, everyone went to Co Sang’s house for a home-cooked meal. So many people tried to pack into her house that we resorted to sitting on the floor cross-legged – and even so we still had to eat in shifts! Filled with food and rested after a short break, the SEALNet members gathered in a hotel room to conduct internal training and the high school students attended an impromptu workshop devised by Phuong and Tuyet-Mai about applying to colleges in the United States. The SEALNet members’ internal training session was very intense, but helped all of us to learn more about owning leadership and owning our own experiences in a session. After a delicious dinner selected by Ca Dao, all members returned to Daesco hotel for more sessions. The SEALNet members gathered to learn about social entrepreneurship from Leng, who shared some personal experiences with the group. The members also learned about the Johardi Window and how to build teams by making private personal information known to others. The group participated in a “Spotlight On” session for Viet, who will be leaving for Thailand tomorrow morning. Viet shared his story of growing up as a “lucky” boy and his experiences in Singapore and at Stanford. Members were invited to ask him questions about himself and provide him with feedback about how he has affected them. Phuong, Tuan, Nancy and Quynh, among others shared their appreciation, admiration and respect for Viet with him. By this point, everyone was exhausted so the group decided to break for the night. All in all, Dani and I agreed it was a very thought-provoking day.

– Mia Nguyen

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