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Arrived Safely

July 31, 2007 Leave a comment

I am currently at Beijing University! The airplane ride was excellent. Out of the whole plane my row was the only one to have three seats open, so I slept on all three for 11 hours of the 12 hour plane ride (1 hour for food). I really needed the rest, so it was a great blessing. Beijing has so far been an amazing experience. I really like studying Chinese here. Today was my first day of class. I have a roommate that shares the same faith and we both like to exercise and eat healthy food! I have very nice teachers here and Beida is known to pamper their foreign students. I just worked out all the ins and outs of getting internet access here. I hope this posts gets on blogger. I cannot see all the webpages including my own blog, but hopefully this will get through. Maybe some pictures will show up too — it’s worth a try. Will post more later! Just wanted to let you all know that I’m safe and thanks for all your prayers. =)

My new home – it’s like a hotel!
Beijing University’s International Student’s Dorm

My cool room on the fifth floor…nice view

Thanks for everything!! More pictures once I get settled in. =)

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On the Way to the Airport

July 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Nervousness…I depart at 2:50pm today.  My brother also leaves school for LA at 4:00pm today.  Please remember us in your prayers. =)

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! See you in China! =)

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Day Before Departure

July 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Today is the day before I leave for China. My final went well after 5 stormy weeks at Stanford. Thank the Big Man. I feel a bit anxious but I have so many little errands to run before I go to sleep tonight. =)

Here are some pictures of our wonderful community of support at Stanford. Makes me feel very happy when I know my family and friends fully support me 100%. My brother even let me borrow his favorite security pouch. For this and more, I’m ready to start this one-month intensive language training adventure at a new and foreign home. I’ll miss everyone much…enjoy the pictures and hopefully more updates/fun to come in China.

dad, mom, gpa, lil bro, and gma
I wouldn’t be going without this awesome and wonderful support crew! Will miss you much!!
team last time eating together in SF. see you guys in a month. love ya!
Thank you guys! Friends supporting us at our send-off.
Interesting stories…
We got to sing a song together in Chinese.

Last byes…

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