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Listening during the Silence

February 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I am learning how to listen to the Lord in times when I can cannot hear an answer to my prayers. It’s difficult because the world is noisy and feeding me answers and I want to be able to rely on him to discern is this really a sign from God? So far he has not answered my prayers, and I am reminded to be patient and also pray continually. Pray in all circumstances. Recently, many of my friend’s have dire prayer requests. I hope to not be more sensitive to what’s going on and pray earnestly also for my family and friends.

Mom is sick. Also, pray that she gets better soon. Been so busy to be with the Word. Pray for me.

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February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve thought a lot about New Year Resolutions, and it’s already the beginning of February. So many wonderful things has happened since then. I’m trying to read Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions again to be encouraged and focus. Mine are very simple: to be grounded in Christ, begin a prayerful life, grow with a Bible study community, grow in my love for the Lord and His Word. =) Be content in all other things regarding the future.

I had such a great break at home with my parents and brother. =) My grandparents went on a vacation to Vietnam and ping pong ministry is starting. I pray that God will use it. I really do hope people will start coming to it. Life in Milpitas is great. =) I love my aunt’s cooking. I really hope to take some time to learn some dishes. Also, I ran into a wonderful Bible study, which is all part of God’s plan. Lastly, my EE course ended and we passed out diplomas! So awesome!

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