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#27 We’re SEALNet by Kenneth Wong

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Were SEALNet – Kenneth Wong

This song will bring back memories.

P.S. Tomorrow, Nhu will be performing We’re SEALNet at her Cathay Pacific Scholarship Conference, so come cheer her on if you can.

– Peter Nguyen


The song is so awesome! Thank you Kenneth for the song. Thank you Peter for putting the song up so that everyone can enjoy and know what we had done in PV06.

I really wish I could be there to see Nhu does her presentation. But since I can’t, just want to wish her the best of luck. — Quynh Pham

Yeah, i guess the subject of this comment says it all.

YOU ROCK, KENNETH :). I personally love everything about the song: from the humorous and “powerful” lyric, the smooth melody to your sweet voice. Thanks a bunch Ken :”D . LoTs of love to You .

Also thanks to Peter for uploading the song for us. Your the best ! 🙂

To Nhu : Still remember what I wrote to you last time ? : Be yourself, Stay Cool and YOU CAN DO IT :D. Good Luck tomorrow. Love you.

To the rest : I miss you guys a whole LOT.. — Hanh Nguyen

Hey guys,

Nhu won the scholarhip!!! Congratulations Nhu! Good job! — Quynh Pham

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#26 Yes! SEALNet is the Best by Quynh Pham

July 13, 2006 Leave a comment

Dear all, I’m done with the news translation (finally… phewww). The translated version is below. For the sake of other SEALNet members in PC and PT who don’t know which pic is us, the article with the title “Ngôn Ngữ Của Tình Bạn” is for us. Enjoy reading the article about SEALNet yah. Warmly, Quynh Pham

Language of friendship

“I simply want to bring together talented and active youth who have a passionate interest in dedicating themselves to the development of SouthEast Asia. Maybe there no one will become a leader in the future but at least we have created the network between people who are animated by the same sense of purpose and created the foundations of an organization that will grow bigger in the near future.” This statement of purpose laid down by the founder and president of SEALNet (SouthEast Asian Leadership Network) organization Huynh Minh Viet was revisited by 20 SEALNet members at the meeting reviewing their first week of the project at Danang College of Foreign Language (DCFL) in the afternoon of June 27. After going through activities in the past 7 days, team leader Nguyen Quoc Thien Phuoc (Nancy Nguyen) said: “We hope that our work will receive more help and interest in the future. I want to say thank you to the Danang College of Foreign Language and to the college students who we have met. They are friendly, cheerful and very fond of studying.”

Language of Friendship

In the past week, after giving 7 computers and installing the teaching-and-learning-English software in DCFL library, the SEALNet group had some teaching sessions to show the teachers from DCFL and the nearby areas how to use the software. The cultural exchanges and little “conferences” between the college students and the group members left everyone with unforgettable moments. Leng Lim (Singaporean), one of the 2 advisors and also one of the founders of SEALNet, explained the motivation of the group: “The project, in one side, is to bring the computers to the community but in fact, it’s about teaching English with computers using the prime language – friendship. The language of friendship will help to build trust between us”. According to Leng Lim, a very important purpose of SEALNet is to share and build trust between people. The project is not only for those who come from South-East Asia but also for everyone in the world. Another advisor Nguyen Cao Hung (Hung Nguyen), who has left Vietnam for 25 years and come back 3 times to visit, recognized the resemblances (rather than the differences) between Vietnamese students who are studying in Vietnam and those who are studying abroad. According to Hung, Vietnamese students, both local and overseas, have a strong desire for a better life and a deep aspiration to assert themselves with their talent and creativity. They are willing to learn from foreigners and improve themselves. Going to Vietnam, both American-Vietnamese students and foreign students want to approach and know about Vietnamese culture. This is why the Project Vietnam 2006 is called “long-lasting cross-cultural friendship”. Each member has a chance to know more about Vietnamese culture through meeting Vietnamese, creating friendly relations with friends from different countries such as the United States, England and nations in South-East Asia. Last year, with the support from Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, Singapore International Foundation, Stanford University, and some other companies in the United States and Europe, SEALNet had a successful Project Vietnam 2005 in Ho Chi Minh City. This year, the “language of friendship” is extended to 3 nations: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Youth Desire

In that afternoon, everyone gathered together to watch a short movie on what had happened in the past 7 days and enjoy themselves. Danang Supermarket, Statues of Mother Nhu, the innocent laughter of children in Cam Ne, Tam Tien villages… Everything that had passed had deep impressions on everyone. Brook Rosenkrantz, an American student with a friendly smile said, “Even though it’s just been a week, the things I learned from here will definitely change my life, especially the images of the poor remote areas with students who love learning. What left the deepest impression on me were the heartfelt attitude, the hospitality and the warmth of Vietnamese.” The South East Asian Leadership Network (SEALNet) is a network of students from various American, British and South East Asian universities first founded at Stanford University in 2004. The 2 main purposes of SEALNet are to create a cross-cultural network among students interested in Southeast Asian developmental issues and to empower students to create positive change. (This is the one in the blue box) A week with the heat and the wind in Central Vietnam placed stamps on the faces of people from different nations. But this is nothing strange to Pham Dinh Hai Quynh and Nguyen Phuong Ca Dao. Hai Quynh is the daughter of a senior lecturer of English in DCFL who went to the United States for an exchange scholars program. Ca Dao is the alumna of Le Quy Don Specialized Senior High School and currently a junior studying Accounting and Finance in the London School of Economics in England. “I have been away from home for 2 years and I miss this place a lot. Going back to Danang and seeing so many changes here, I want to do something to contribute to my hometown. I volunteered to become a SEALNet member because I love the purpose of this program: training the leadership skills for the youth, preparing them with the tools to give back to their community”, said Ca Dao. What makes Vietnamese students like Hai Quynh, Ca Dao devote themselves to SEALNet is the wonderful example of Huynh Minh Viet. From a poor student who originally came from Quang Nam Province and had to stay with the host families that were closest to his schools from 4th to 10th grade, Viet became one of the 50 most outstanding students in the world to receive an award for being a prospective leader by Goldman Sachs Fund. He is also the founder and president of SEALNet. Viet is currently studying for a degree in Economics at Stanford University (US). Before that, he studied for 4 years in Singapore on the ASEAN Scholarship program. In the International Student Conference that was held in Tokyo (Japan) last year, Huynh Minh Viet was one of the 2 youngest speakers with a talk entitled “How to pay back to your community when you are still in college?” Viet raised questions that any students who are really motivated and dedicated to the development of Vietnam can feel the strong young desire within themselves: What do you want to do to make your community better? Looking around the city, what can you do to improve the living standard? As a student – a very busy student, what will you do?…

See you again!

To Dr. Luu Quy Khuong, the dean of graduate studies and international relations office – DCFL, welcoming and working with SEALNet group is “the first product” of his office as it had just been set up in April, 2006. Through the exchange, DCFL wants to cooperate more with SEALNet in the future to strengthen the understanding between students from South-East Asian countries in particular and students from all over the world in general and to prepare their students with leadership skills. When she learned that there is an annual student volunteer program named “Green Summer”, the team leader Nguyen Quoc Thien Phuoc hoped to come back next year to immerse in the youthful and ebullient atmosphere of Danang students. Although she is the team leader, Thien Phuoc is just 20 years old. The junior-to-be is studying Human Biology in the US. When representing the team to make a speech, she stammered at times, sometimes saying “con” sometimes saying “tôi” to the teachers in the school managing board of DCFL. This created a close connection among Vietnamese. DCFL is famous for having very good relationships with many organizations even though the material and technical foundations of DCFL is still poor. The principal Phan Van Hoa said: “I am very grateful that SEALNet came and brought computers to DCFL. You did very significant things in the very first step in our long-lasting relationship. I hope that this relationship will create more good things in the future.” In the farewell meeting, everyone was reluctant to part with their friends. There was crying as people strove to say “See you again!”….

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#25 Bon Voyage by Quynh Pham

July 12, 2006 Leave a comment

Dear all SEALNet members, I have lots of things that I want to say to each and every of you but I don’t have time to do this (things are all against me now). So, I will make this real quick. Continue your own paths and we’ll see each other again soon. BON VOYAGE!! Love you all, Quynh Pham

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#24 Project Vietnam Recap Video by Peter Nguyen

July 9, 2006 Leave a comment

I know you’ve been waiting for it. Here it is, the world’s one and only SEALNet 2006 – Project Vietnam Recap Video. It took a while to get it online, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Click Here To See It!!!

– Peter Nguyen

I know you’ve worked very hard to make this video . And I really encourage you for your contribution , as well as admired you for your computing talents ! Thanks so much ! — Duy Nguyen

Thanks for the encouragement. Stuff like this makes making movies worthwhile. — Peter Nguyen

Yay! My mentee are I are the first to encourage you for your hard work! 🙂 I’m sure you know how much we love your video-editing and filming skills and more importantly how much we love you!!


weixiong.wong and solarprince — Kenneth Wong

I agree! Great video man! — Jiun Haur Wang

THANK YOU PI TO*? FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORD. I’m sorry that I put lots of stress on you when asking you to give this video to me as soon as possible as we originally planned that I would make the copies of CD for everyone. =(. BUT you really surprised me by making this done 1 day after I called you. Wow… This is awesome. WELL DONE bro!! — Quynh Pham

Thanks Quynh. I didn’t feel rushed. I wanted to get it online ASAP anyhow. =) — Peter Nguyen

Awesome work harry Peter! This video is so awesome. My family really enjoys it! I miss you as well as everyone else! Take care! — Thai Huynh

Thanks for the comment, Thai. I’m glad that your family is enjoying it. Stay cool at A.S.U. — Peter Nguyen

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#23 Cam On by Nancy Nguyen

July 8, 2006 Leave a comment

PV06-ERS!! I miss you guys so much. I’ve been taking a few days off digesting everything that happened during our two weeks together. Still I cannot fathom all the transformation that I was able to witness while leading this project. I feel overwhelmed and very fortunate sitting here writing my first blog. I hope you all had a wonderful time. =) My peak moment would be saying “bye” to Thuy, a village girl from Tam Tien that we took as a mentee. Many of you were not there when we had a formal farewell in front of all the school officials. Stephanie gave Thuy a new stuffed bunny, and I handed her 20 USD for school supplies. Thai walked away because he could not bare seeing Thuy cry. Aside from the tears of our members present, I saw the men, who had been laughing, drinking beer, and cracking jokes a second ago, cry. I trusted a relationship began at this moment. This experience gave me hope for the second week. I had intense energy, peace, joy, and trust in all of you to own this project after Ca Dao stood up for our Stake. I wasn’t disappointed, but surprised day by day. Thank you. Indeed, many relationships bloomed and poured into emails, phone calls, and activities after our project. I hope these will be ones that will LAST FOREVER. I cannot encapsulate this moment or this trip into many words, but I feel awfully THANKFUL to have met each one of you and our cute mentees. My goal for this trip is to serve the poor and be a true friend to my teammates by being an honest leader. I was very touched by your care for me while I sick the first week. First, I thank God for keeping us all safe and healthy for the most part. Special thanks to my co-leader, Kenneth. I’m so blessed that you were on the team. I wouldn’t have been able to pull through without you. Core, I felt a lot of peace when you all made it to see our hard planning finally come into life. Your arrival made a difference. Quynh, you’ll always be my superkid. I thank Leng and Hung for being part of our family. Thanks for sparking the fire to serve each other and the poor in everyone! =) You are both inspiration to us all. All of my teammates and mentees – you have inspired at least someone on our team to change and grow. You have inspired me. Thanks for giving me a chance to meet my goal. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
P.S. Don’t forget to OOSH!! =)

— Nancy Nguyen, SEALNet PV06 Leader

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#28 Cam Ne Update 1

July 5, 2006 Leave a comment

Cam Ne 4/7/2006

I am currently in Cam Ne Village and want to send my greetings to you and your friends.

How are you? Wherever you are right now, I am praying for you and your friends. The children in Cam Ne really want to learn how to use the computers. However, the electricity is not stable yet for starting classes. I am sending applications and the news out for the children to fill out and turn in for studying. They will give their age and grade so I can put them in the right classes according to what they will learn on the computers. If you receive this email, please write my full name (first and last) so I know that you are the one who received it.

Cam Ne 4/7/2006
Co Sang o CN day co goi loi chao tham con va cac ban
.Con co khoe khong hien con dang o dau dang lam gi co cung luon cau nguyen cho con va cac ban .
Cac em o CN rat muon hoc nhung dien chua on dinh duoc de tien hanh viec hoc hien co dang thong bao cho cac em de cac em nop don xin hoc va cho biet tuoi va lop de xep lop cho cac em .Cung nhu de ra noi qui su dung may Computer .Neu con nhan duoc thu thi viet dung ho ten co trong thu de co biet chinh la con da nhan thu

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#22 Peak Moments by Hung Nguyen

June 30, 2006 Leave a comment

Dear fellow Sealnet adventurers, I have been reflecting on what are some of my peaks and memorable experiences that I have during Project Vietnam, and what I have learned about life, love and leadership of human spirit from those experiences. I am taking my time to reflect and write, and will post them as they becoming clear. I would love to hear yours as well. So here’s the question for all of us: what are your top 3 (and more if you have more) peak and memorable experiences during this Sealnet adventure, and what you have learn about life, love and the human spirit? Here’s the first of 10 from me: 1. The moment when Cadao stepped into the middle of the circle and powerfully claim the Stake of “Commitment to Service, Friendship and Growth” for the whole community. For me this is leadership at its finess because it was about allowing space for trust, patience, acceptance. After a long hour of people naming the creative tension between “current reality and vision”, and brainstorming the stakes, I felt that we were getting stuck. We choose to change perspective by moving from sitting to taking a stand in a circle and face each other as a community. There was a moment right before CaDao stepped in, the silence felt almost unbearable. I had to let go of trying to “figure it out” and trust in the wisdom of the community. I notice that the harder we tried to figure things our with our brains to come up with the stake more confused and competitive we got. Many of us were trying to find the right words. My intuition was that if we keep trying to figure things out with our heads, we will not be able find the stake. So instead we held hands, feel grounded in our bodies, breath and trust in the energy of the group. I can feel the nervousness and anticipation in myself and in the group. When Cadao stepped forth with her whole body, and say the stake out loud, I feel the support of the whole community. We let go of how the words “should be”, people were just being together. For me, this is a powerful leadership moment because it is about taking risk, trusting, and allowing for something to unfold without getting attachment to the outcomes. It’s also about the embodiment of the stake. In the end, even though we arrived to the same stake that we had at the beginning of the project, now everyone can fully align themselves behind it which contribute to the success of the Vietnam project. I feel sure that all of us who worked on this project has experienced the “commitment to service, friendship and growth”…am I right or am I right? 🙂

— Hung Nguyen

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