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A Physician’s Passion

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I walked into the medical exam section of the clinic in southern Vietnam ready to be assigned to a doctor to assist and interpret.  A few minutes later, I was directed by the team leader to Dr. Joel Doughten.  I had never met him before, but when I walked up to him, he was stern, focused, and ready to work.  The first thing he asked me was, “Do you think you can handle this?”  I nervously replied, “I will try my best.”  From this serious first interaction, Dr. D became my life mentor.

Throughout the weeks in Vietnam and four years of ministry exchange, prayers, and observing Dr. D on the field, I learned and saw the passion of Christ alive through his life.  I observed his every action.  Daily throughout the two weeks, I never saw him take a break during lunch or eat lunch.  I was curious as to *why* he would work through the lunch breaks and continue to see patients and *how* he could withstand such conditions. We usually ran the clinic from 5am until 5pm.  Since I translated for him, I would not take the breaks either.

Gradually, I observed other things such as his generosity with time towards each patient.  He didn’t let the long line of 500 patients pressure him to spend less time with each patient.  He went through each medical exam thoroughly, spent his time explaining to the patients what was going on in their body, answered any of their questions, and made sure by re-asking if they had any other concerns.  The quality time he spent with the patients showed his genuine love and care for them and because he was American, the cross-cultural interaction was all the more touching.  Furthermore, Dr. D not only gave the patients quality medical care and attention, but throughout the four years, his sincere concern for their spiritual well-being never faded.  Year after year, he never lost his vigor and excitement for sharing the gospel, even in places where he could not speak the language, and did not have cultural roots. This is an image I can not forget.  I would usually serve as his interpreter and translate a common phrase that he wanted to tell the patients. They “did not need to worry because our Father in heaven is taking care of them.”  If a patient was willing to hear the gospel story, he would take the time to share it. In places where talking about religion was not allowed, he would show God through his actions.

Now coming back to why and how Dr. D would not take lunch breaks, I quickly realized and saw the Holy Spirit guiding his actions. The reason behind his actions was because he shares the same passion as Christ – an urgency to see the lost saved.  He would not miss an opportunity to be with a patient and care for them even if that meant working through lunch breaks. He was willing to offer his time, energy, and body as a living sacrifice to the Lord. And how did Dr. D do this?  It was by the strength of the Lord.  God taught me what Passion is and how it looks in the fields of Vietnam through an American doctor.


Brainstorming Passion

October 13, 2008 Leave a comment

I was asked by my pastor to write for the church newsletter a short article with the theme centered around passion. I’m still debating if it should be a metaphorical fictional story, philosophical thoughts, a real life testimony, or a non-fiction story. I’m still debating. It’s been a week since I’ve journaled. Hopefully writing this down will help me brainstorm. Right now, I’m somewhat leaning towards a fictional story because it seems more detached and easier to portray an idea; however, it’s still subject to change. Wow. I have so much thought and not time on my hands to think about. It’s due Thursday. It’s only supposed to be a half page long. Some topics could range from a person’s story during a mission encounter, a story of a kid and how I saw God working in him, an anonymous fictional story that portrays a passion for the Lord.

What’s Passion? I know it, I feel it, it’s somewhat hard to describe into words. To me it’s the expression of the most important thing to you and it’s a response to what you live for. Passion = purpose for living, action, pro-active response to something you love dearly and hold as most important and most meaningful. It’s something you can’t live without, it’s something you would do anything for. Now, how to write this…

Oh Lord I want You to be my only one true passion in life. May I sing to you, may I walk in your ways, may I use my hands to worship you, and may I use my feet to travel the world to glorify your name, may my body be a sanctuary for thee.

Oh Lord, my heart longs to be
A sanctuary fit for Thee
A place where peace reigns and love can flourish
A heart where You will feel at home

Oh Lord, I want to be like You
My tongue to speak the words You do
My hands to stretch forth in healing others
My feet to carry the Good News

That You are God, You’re the Way
You’re the Truth and You’re the Life
King of kings, Lord of lords,
Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ
And by Your shed blood, the Great Redeemer
You saved my soul, You paid the price
You saved my soul, now have my life

– Author Unknown

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Romance and Relationships

September 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve read a lot of material this summer as preparation for my True Love Waits commitment along with the kids at SJ2. Also, to facilitate a course on purity at SJ2. Every Young Woman’s Battle – I absolutely recommend this book to every woman along with I Kissed Dating Goodbye. The pastor ordered the dvd series of Joshua Harris’ sermons, and they were very insightful and helpful.

However, recently, I’ve stumbled across Becky Hill’s work through Jaeson Ma’s blog, which I’ve found so real and refreshingly insightful to read. During the past two weeks, I’ve found myself going back to the same articles time and time again, contemplating, and reevaluating my personal standards and values.

What stood out the most to me is this excerpt which I will post here so I can be reminded of this:

Lastly, I must address a pitfall that is easy to stumble into, though it is quite obvious that it is an ungodly mode of operation. I speak of being manipulative or double-minded. Many people, both moral and immoral, do not use good discernment in their communication and interaction with the opposite sex. Sometimes this is intentional (especially on the part of women), because there is a longing to be desired even by those that we would not necessarily want to be in a relationship with. This is natural, but should be greatly resisted. Truth is the only way to live clean before the Lord, and you will (not might) end up hurting others and confusing yourself if you go down the road of sowing where you did not want to reap. Whenever you put out signals that you are interested in a person, you are sowing seeds into their heart and your heart that will bear some form of fruit whether you want it to or not. People can do this unintentionally as well all the time, but this is also just as dangerous: we have to ask the Lord to give us discernment and the ability to walk in the light before others. It takes time to learn and intentional seeking to grow in that area, but it’s worth it. This is not simply a skill that is necessary before marriage but especially after, since it is an abhorrence to sow seeds in another man’s garden. — Becky Hill

Here are some current parts of the series on Romance and Relationships by Becky Hill.
1) A Pure Motivation is Key

2) Confrontation is Necessary and God-given

3) It’s God’s Hand & Our Heart Part I, It’s God’s Hand & Our Heart Part II

Wisdom in Selecting a Spouse from Proverbs

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